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11/26/2014 (100%)
Summary: Briefing Package: Proposed Rule on Prohibition of Children's Toys and Child Care Articles Containing Specified Phthalates
Extract: These may include toddler beds, full-size and non-full size cribs, bassinets and cradles, bedside sleepers, and play yards. In the regulatory flexibility analyses prepared for these rulemakings, CPSC staff found that about 191 small manufacturers would be impacted by those rulemakings. Other child care products include sleepwear, high chairs, hook-on-chairs, and booster seats. In its ongoing market research, CPSC staff has identified about 200 suppliers of these products. Mattresses for cribs, cradles, and bassinettes would also be considered child care articles.

11/20/2014 (100%)
Summary: Briefing Package: Fiscal Year 2015 Operating Plan
Extract: Children's Folding (Youth) 14 Chairs, High 15 Chairs, Hook-on 16 Changing Tables 17 Cribs, Commercial 18 Cribs, Full-Size 19 Cribs, Non-Full Size and Play Yards 20 Gates and Other Enclosures, Infant 21 Inclined Sleep Products, Infant 22 Phthalates 23 Slings, Infant 24 Stationary Activity Centers 25 Strollers 26 Swings, Infant 27 Toys 28 Walkers, Infant Voluntary Standards Activities Related to Existing CPSC Statutes 29 Architectural Glazing 30 Bicycles 31 Child-Resistant Packaging 32 Fireworks 33 Garage Door Operators 34 Gasoline Containers (Child-Resistant Closures) 35 Lighters, Cigarettes 36 Swimming Pools/Spas (Drain Covers;

11/17/2014 (85%)
Summary: 2014 Agency Financial Report
Extract: More than 11 billion impressions of CPSC safety messages were received by consumers in FY 2014, including about 536 million impressions for the CPSC's crib safety education program (Safe To Sleep®); approximately 146 million impressions for minority outreach efforts; and an estimated 1.7 billion impressions for the pool drowning and drain entrapment prevention program. Increased the number of members of the Neighborhood Safety Network (NSN) from approximately 3,000 in 2009, to 9,300 in September 2014. The NSN is a grassroots outreach program that provides timely information to member organizations and individuals, who in turn, share CPSC safety messages with underserved consumers who might otherwise never hear of or receive information from the CPSC.
10/22/2014 (100%)
Summary: Sept. 2014
Extract: The infant was placed in his crib for a nap. The crib was located in a walk-in closet in his parent's bedroom. He was pronounced dead at the scene. The cause of death was asphyxia. *A 3-year-old male was found deceased while co-sleeping with his mother on an inflatable air mattress. The decedent was lying supine between the wall and the inflatable mattress. His arms were outstretched and raised over his head. The inflatable mattress was partially covering the decedent on his eyelids. The mother lay down next to the child.
10/01/2014 (100%)
Summary: Briefing Package: Petition Requesting Mandatory Standard for Corded Window Coverings
Extract: Consequently, the annual crib risk was about 3.89 deaths and about 1,119 ED injuries for every million cribs in use (or about 1 death for every 257,000 cribs and 1 ED injury for every 894 cribs). Thus, on a per product in use basis, the risk of death with cribs is about 300 times the risk of death for corded window coverings (i.e., 3.89 deaths per million cribs ÷ 0.013 deaths per million corded window covering); and the risk of ED injury with cribs is more than 10,000 times the injury risk for corded window coverings (i.e., 1,119 ED injuries per million cribs ÷ 0.109 ED injuries per million corded window covering).

08/19/2014Bexco Recalls Franklin & Ben Mason Four-in-One Convertible Cribs (100%)
Summary: Bexco Recalls Franklin & Ben Mason Four-in-One Convertible Cribs Recall number 14258 14-258 #14-258 #14258
07/24/2014Mayborn USA Recalls to Repair Baby Monitors (100%)
Summary: Mayborn USA Recalls to Repair Baby Monitors Recall number 14239 14-239 #14-239 #14239
07/22/2014Oeuf Recalls to Repair Cribs (100%)
Summary: Oeuf Recalls to Repair Cribs Recall number 14236 14-236 #14-236 #14236
06/20/2014 (100%)
Summary: June 2014
Extract: *A 3-month-old female decedent was fed and then placed on her back in her crib for a nap. The victim's mother checked on her and found her lying face-down and unresponsive. She performed CPR on her child until rescue units arrived. Police Department and Fire Rescue arrived and transported the decedent to a local hospital where she was pronounced dead. The crib contained bedding/bumpers, two large blankets, a small blanket, a wedge pillow, and a stuffed animal. The cause of death was probable asphyxia due to unsafe sleep environment. A 52-year-old female died when she became wedged between the mattress and nightstand.
06/18/2014 (100%)
Summary: 2014 Midyear Report on Voluntary Standards Activities
Extract: 22 Product Cribs (Commercial) Staff Contact Edwards, Patty Purpose To revise the ASTM Standard Consumer Safety Performance Specification for Commercial Cribs (ASTM F2710) to increase the safety of cribs in commercial settings, such as hotels and day care centers. Activities A revised ASTM Standard Consumer Safety Performance Specification for Commercial Cribs (ASTM F2710-13) was approved on 10/01/13. At the 9/24/13 meeting, CPSC staff raised the issue of turning wheels that fall down during the threshold test and get caught in cracks.

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