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05/13/2015 (88%)
Summary: Briefing Package: Petition for Change to the Bunk Bed Standard and Petition Requesting Standard for Bunk Bed Cornerposts
Extract: The Danny Foundation was a nonprofit safety organization created in honor of Danny Lineweaver, a child who was caught and strangled on a crib finial.1 The petition asserted that due to a bunk bed's height, the corner posts on the bed pose a substantial risk to children who are descending from the upper bunk and may become caught and asphyxiate by the corner post and another item, such as clothing, necklaces, or bedding. CPSC regulations for bunk beds (16 C.F.R. parts 1213, 1500, and 1513, referred to collectively as the "Bunk Bed Standard") are intended to mitigate entrapment and fall hazards associated with the bed.
05/08/2015Baby’s Dream Recalls Cribs and Furniture (100%)
Summary: Baby's Dream Recalls Cribs and Furniture Recall number 15131 15-131 #15-131 #15131
05/01/2015 (100%)
Summary: Briefing Package: Fiscal Year 2015 Midyear Review and Proposed Operating Plan Adjustments
Extract: Petition BP BP Crib Bumpers BP BP Durable Nursery Products Exposure Survey DA/TR DA/TR Firepots and Fuel Gels DA/TR DA/TR Garage Door Operators NPR NPR Information Disclosure under $6b of the CPSA - 1101 Rule FR FR Portable Generators NPR NPR Recreational Off-Highway Vehicles (ROVs) FR DA/TR Substantial Product Hazard List - 15 (j) Rule: Seasonal Lights NPR, FR NPR, FR Substantial Product Hazard List - 15 (j) Rule: Extension Cords NPR, FR NPR, FR Table Saws DA/TR DA/TR Third Party Testing - Determinations NPR NPR Upholstered Furniture DA/TR DA/TR Voluntary Recall Rule FR FR Window Coverings ANPR ANPR Number of candidates for rulemaking (ANPR, NPR, and FR): 20* 19 * The FY 2015 Operating Plan reflected an errant count of 19 for the "
05/01/2015IKEA Expands Recall of Crib Mattresses (100%)
Summary: IKEA Expands Recall of Crib Mattresses Recall number 15127 15-127 #15-127 #15127
04/23/2015 (100%)
Summary: April 2015
Extract: *A 7-month-old male decedent was laid in his crib on his back by his mother after feeding. The mother went to check on the decedent and found the decedent unresponsive and wedged between his crib mattress and the crib's drop-side railing. The mother screamed for help and the father came in and broke apart the side railing trying to free the child. The decedent's head was wedged between the crib mattress and bars of the crib. His body and legs were hanging out the bottom of the crib below the mattress. The child was transported to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead.
03/25/2015 (100%)
Summary: Chairman Kaye's Opening Statement FY 2016 Budget Hearing
Extract: From the parent of the baby who gently moves his or her child throughout the day from crib, to baby bouncer to stroller and back again to the crib; or the self-employed millennial who, on a cold winter day, relies on a space heater to stay warm and an extension cord to power a computer; to the baby boomer who purchased adult bed rails to help care for an aging parent who needed to move in, the products in CPSC's jurisdiction are inseparable from our lives. We believe we provide an excellent return on investment for the American people. We run a lean operation, especially considering the thousands of different product categories in our jurisdiction.
03/18/2015 (100%)
Summary: Letter to Chairperson Emily McAsey of the Illinois House of Representatives Regarding Padded Crib Bumper Legislation
Extract: they contribute to a misperception that a soft, padded crib environment is a safe crib environment, and crib bumpers beget pillows, blankets, and other add-ons. To the contrary, professional safety experts all recognize that an uncluttered crib -an appropriate mattress and a tight-fitting sheet - is the safest environment for a baby's sleep. Seeing padded bumpers on the shelves contradicts the message the safety community needs caregivers to remember: Bare is Best.1 Parents naturally assume that cribs are the safest place for children to be, and, before my time at CPSC, the agency helped validate that assumption by issuing the most stringent crib standards in the world, including mandatory testing.

03/11/2015 (100%)
Summary: Chief FOIA Officer Report to the Department of Justice FY2015
Extract: CPSC's work to help ensure the safety of consumer products - such as toys, cribs, power tools, cigarette lighters, and household chemicals - has contributed to a decline in the rate of deaths and injuries associated with consumer products over the past 40 years. As required in the Attorney General's FOIA Guidelines, The CPSC Acting Chief FOIA Officer conducted a review of the administration of the FOIA and analyzed the data from its FOIA Annual Report from Fiscal Year 2014 to generate this report. Section I. Steps Taken to Apply the Presumption of Openness The guiding principle underlying the President's FOIA Memorandum and the Attorney General's FOIA Guidelines is the presumption of openness.

03/03/2015Dream on Me Recalls 2 in 1 Bassinet to Cradle (100%)
Summary: Dream on Me Recalls 2 in 1 Bassinet to Cradle Recall number 15088 15-088 #15-088 #15088
03/02/2015Patricia Edwards Participating in a Conference Call with the ASTM F15 ... (100%)
Summary: Patricia Edwards Participating in a Conference Call with the ASTM F15 Subcommittee on Crib Mattress Labeling
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