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11/19/2015 (94%)
Summary: Toy-Related Deaths and Injuries Calendar Year 2014
Extract: Balloon Strings A 13-month-old baby boy was found slumped over with the strings of two balloons wrapped around his neck and arm in a crib at home. The victim was transported to a hospital and then was air-lifted to a children's hospital for treatment. The victim was pronounced dead 4 days later in the children's hospital. Toy Figure A 7-year-old boy was found hanging by a cloth toy snake in the closet of his bedroom by his mother. The mother was alerted by the victim's brother. According the medical examiners' report, a plastic bin was found underneath the victim, and it was believed that the victim was standing on it and lost his balance, causing the incident to occur.
11/17/2015 (100%)
Summary: EPI staff hazard analysis of fatalities involving victims 65 years or older
Extract: counter tops 1864 0 Cribs, playpens, baby gates 1506, 1513, 1529, 1543, 1545 0 Curling (activity, etc.) 3282 0 Cutlery, knives, unpowered 464, 836 1 Darts 1248, 3289-3291 0 Desks, cabinets, shelves, racks 604, 692, 693, 4056 18 Dollies, carts 1679, 1680, 1684 3 Drain, oven cleaners, caustics 929, 936, 942, 968, 969 5 Drapery rods & accessories 4055 0 Drinking glasses 424, 454, 475, 478 0 Drug poisonings to children under 5 1914-1916, 1923, 1927-1932, 1940 2 Electric fixt., lamps & equipment 627, 628, 684, 685, 4036, 4039, 4041, 4042, 4061-4063, 4070, 4071, 4081, 4083 95 Electric trains, cars 1332, 1383 0 Elevators, other lifts 1814, 1889-1891 6 Engines, non-automotive 819, 820 1 Exercise & equipment 1200, 3265, 3277,
11/16/2015 (100%)
Summary: The purpose of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission's FY 2015 Agency Financial Report (AFR) is to assist Congress, the President, and the American people to assess the agency's stewardship over resources with which it is entrusted.
Extract: (, and Safe To Sleep® Initiative ( I continue to speak out about finding ways to help children enjoy the many benefits of sports, while promoting meaningful culture change in youth sports, in order to reduce the acute and chronic effects of repetitive hits to the brain. These initiatives promote a culture of safety. Rather than focusing on a single product or product class in a reactive manner, these initiatives encourage our staff and stakeholders to consider an expansive view of product safety that is active and considers all aspects of the consumer product lifecycle, from design to disposal.

11/10/2015 (100%)
Summary: Voluntary Standards Activities FY 2014 Annual Report
Extract: Product Cribs (Commercial) Staff Contact Edwards, Patty Purpose To revise the ASTM Standard Consumer Safety Performance Specification for Commercial Cribs (ASTM F2710) to increase the safety of cribs in commercial settings, such as hotels and day care centers. Activities A revised ASTM Standard Consumer Safety Performance Specification for Commercial Cribs (ASTM F2710-13) was approved on 10/01/13. At a 9/24/13 ASTM F15.18 subcommittee meeting, CPSC staff raised the issue of turning wheels that fall down during the threshold test and get caught in cracks.

11/03/2015 (80%)
Summary: CPSC Staff Statement and on theToxicology Excellence for Risk Assessment Report,"Exposure Assessment: Composition, Production, and Use of Phthalates" August 2015 and the report
Extract: PVC is heavily used in child care products such as: changing mats, pushchairs, high chairs, baby diaper covers, cribs, playpens, changing table pillows, carrying slings, breastfeeding pillows, car seats; and in toys such as: play mats, inflatable soft plastic aquatic toys, masquerade masks, and sometimes pacifiers (ECHA, 2013). Other items with PVC include gloves, footwear (rain shoes, boots, shoes, shoe insoles, slippers, sandals, 'jelly' sandals), vinyl baby pants, wet weather wear (pants, coats, ponchos, hats) (ECHA, 2013). Classroom and school products can also contain DINP, including erasers (type not specified) and school bags (ECHA, 2013).
11/03/2015 (100%)
Summary: CPSC Staff Statement on the Toxicology Excellence for Risk Assessment Report, "Exposure Assessment: Potential for the Presence of Phthalates in Selected Plastics" September 2015 and the report
Extract: crib" OR "baby bed" Child care articles (Polyethylene OR 9002-88-4) refined with topic "phthalate" ("pacifier" OR "teether") Consumer products (Polyethylene OR 9002-88-4) refined with topic "phthalate" "consumer product" packaging (Polyethylene OR 9002-88-4) refined with topic "phthalate" AND "packaging" contamination (Polyethylene OR 9002-88-4) AND (contaminat* OR leaching OR migration) manufacturing (Polyethylene OR 9002-88-4) AND (manufactur*) Recycled materials (Polyethylene OR 9002-88-4) AND (recycl* AND material*) RECYCLED POLYMER DEHP (Polyethylene OR 9002-88-4) AND (DEHP OR di-2-ethylhexyl phthalate OR 117-81-7) DBP (Polyethylene OR 9002-88-4) AND (DBP OR dibutyl phthalate OR 84-74-2) BBP (Polyethylene OR 9002-

10/01/2015Bexco Expands Recall of DaVinci Brand Cribs Due to Entrapment, Fall an... (100%)
Summary: Bexco Expands Recall of DaVinci Brand Cribs Due to Entrapment, Fall and Laceration Hazards
09/30/2015 (91%)
Summary: The CPSC Inspector General audit of the PCSC's FOIA requests processes
Extract: Under the section "Frequently Requested Documents, In-depth Investigation and Incident reports, Reports by Topic" section, GCOS lists only three subject areas: crib bumpers, drywall, and recreational off-highway vehicles. We requested the mechanism management used to determine frequently requested topics, and found no performance of such analysis. GCOS does not update the FOIA website in a timely manner. Upon review of the "Search for Investigations and Incident Reports by fiscal year" section, we noted that the most recent reports available were from FY 2012. GCOS does not always properly index files. We selected the "Recreational off-Highway Vehicles, Consumer Incident Reports" link, which provided a 320-page document.
09/30/2015 (100%)
Summary: A briefing paper for the Commission to consider a draft notice of proposed rulemaking for publication in the Federal Register that would establish a safety standard for infant bouncer seats.
Extract: 6) In September 2008, a 2-month-old infant was put to sleep and secured in a bouncer, which was placed in a crib (080917HBB3900). The infant's mother fed the infant at 12 a.m., and then approximately 4 hours later checked on the infant again and found the infant hanging out of the bouncer with her head and upper torso down toward the crib mattress while her left leg was still intertwined in the restraints. The medical examiner ruled the cause of death as mechanical asphyxia. It is HS staff's opinion that the placement of the bouncer in the crib created the hazardous environment in this incident.

09/28/2015 (91%)
Summary: Widmeyer Communications Inc - Pool Safety Campaign
Extract: The CPSC's work to help ensure the safety of consumer products - such as toys, cribs, power tools, cigarette lighters, and household chemicals - contributed significantly to the decline in the rate of deaths and injuries associated with consumer products over the past 40 years. In 2010, CPSC created Pool Safely: Simple Steps Save Lives, a national public education campaign to reduce childhood drowning, non-fatal drownings and entrapments in pools and spas. The campaign carries out the public information and education requirements of Section 1407 of the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool & Spa Safety Act (hereafter referred to as the VGB Act).
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