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10/01/2014 (100%)
Summary: Briefing Package: Petition Requesting Mandatory Standard for Corded Window Coverings
Extract: Consequently, the annual crib risk was about 3.89 deaths and about 1,119 ED injuries for every million cribs in use (or about 1 death for every 257,000 cribs and 1 ED injury for every 894 cribs). Thus, on a per product in use basis, the risk of death with cribs is about 300 times the risk of death for corded window coverings (i.e., 3.89 deaths per million cribs ÷ 0.013 deaths per million corded window covering); and the risk of ED injury with cribs is more than 10,000 times the injury risk for corded window coverings (i.e., 1,119 ED injuries per million cribs ÷ 0.109 ED injuries per million corded window covering).

08/19/2014Bexco Recalls Franklin & Ben Mason Four-in-One Convertible Cribs (100%)
Summary: Bexco Recalls Franklin & Ben Mason Four-in-One Convertible Cribs Recall number 14258 14-258 #14-258 #14258
07/24/2014Mayborn USA Recalls to Repair Baby Monitors (100%)
Summary: Mayborn USA Recalls to Repair Baby Monitors Recall number 14239 14-239 #14-239 #14239
07/22/2014Oeuf Recalls to Repair Cribs (100%)
Summary: Oeuf Recalls to Repair Cribs Recall number 14236 14-236 #14-236 #14236
06/20/2014 (100%)
Summary: June 2014
Extract: *A 3-month-old female decedent was fed and then placed on her back in her crib for a nap. The victim's mother checked on her and found her lying face-down and unresponsive. She performed CPR on her child until rescue units arrived. Police Department and Fire Rescue arrived and transported the decedent to a local hospital where she was pronounced dead. The crib contained bedding/bumpers, two large blankets, a small blanket, a wedge pillow, and a stuffed animal. The cause of death was probable asphyxia due to unsafe sleep environment. A 52-year-old female died when she became wedged between the mattress and nightstand.
06/18/2014 (100%)
Summary: 2014 Midyear Report on Voluntary Standards Activities
Extract: 22 Product Cribs (Commercial) Staff Contact Edwards, Patty Purpose To revise the ASTM Standard Consumer Safety Performance Specification for Commercial Cribs (ASTM F2710) to increase the safety of cribs in commercial settings, such as hotels and day care centers. Activities A revised ASTM Standard Consumer Safety Performance Specification for Commercial Cribs (ASTM F2710-13) was approved on 10/01/13. At the 9/24/13 meeting, CPSC staff raised the issue of turning wheels that fall down during the threshold test and get caught in cracks.

05/30/2014 (100%)
Summary: Chief FOIA Officer Report to the Department of Justice FY2013
Extract: CPSC's work to ensure the safety of consumer products -such as toys, cribs, power tools, cigarette lighters, and household chemicals -contributed to a decline in the rate of deaths and injuries associated with consumer products over the past 40 years. The general reporting period for the Chief FOIA Officer Report is March 2013 to March 2014. The CPSC Chief FOIA Officer conducted a review of the administration of the FOIA and analyzed the data from its FOIA Annual Report from Fiscal Year 2013 supplemented by data gathered for the period October 1, 2012 to September 30, 2013.

05/05/2014 (100%)
Summary: Briefing Package: Fiscal Year 2014 Midyear Review and Proposed Operating Plan Adjustments
Extract: TR Crib Bumper Petition BP BP Durable Nursery Products Exposure Survey DA/TR DA/TR Firepots and Fuel Gels NPR NPR Fireworks DA/TR DA/TR Information Disclosure under $ 6(b) of the CPSA - 1101 Rule FR FR Participation in Voluntary Standards (GAO Report) - 1031 Rule FR FR Poison Prevention Packaging Act - Hydroxides NPR NPR Portable Generators DA/TR DA/TR Procedures for the Importation of Consumer Products and Substances - 1066 Rule NPR DA/TR Rare Earth Magnet Sets* FR FR Recreational Off Highway Vehicles (ROVs) NPR NPR Revisions to FHSA Definition of "Strong Sensitizer" FR FR Substantial Product Hazard List - 15(j) Rule NPR NPR Surrogate Smoldering Ignition Source DA/TR DA/TR Table Saws DA/TR DA/TR Third Party Testing -
05/01/2014 (100%)
Summary: Child Care Providers Crib Standard Guide Spanish
Extract: email address and telephone number for the records keeper and location of testing lab -Give date and location of manufacture and testing o The crib must also have a label attached with the date of manufactureWhat you should do All child care facilities, family child care homes, and places of public accommodation: o Must prepare to replace their current cribs with new, compliant cribs before December 28, 2012. o Should not resell, donate or give away a crib that does not meet the new crib standards. Dispose of older, noncompliant cribs in a manner that the cribs cannot be reassembled and used. Noncompliant cribs should not be resold through online auction sites or donated to local thrift stores.

05/01/2014CPSC Launches New Effort to Find Recalled Simplicity Cribs Still In Us... (100%)
Summary: CPSC Launches Simplicity Effort Spanish
Extract: CPSC has recently been made aware of an additional death which occurred in September 2009 involving a 7-month-old child from Princeton, Kentucky who became entrapped in the crib when a part of it broke. On July 2, 2009, CPSC issued a recall describing the death of an 8-month-old child from Houston, Texas who became entrapped and suffocated between the drop side and the crib mattress when a plastic connector on the drop side broke. CPSC also is aware of an additional 25 incidents involving the drop side detaching from the crib. To date, CPSC has recalled over 2 million Simplicity drop side cribs due to problems with the crib's plastic hardware. The plastic hardware can break or deform, causing the drop side to detach.

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