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04/16/2014 (100%)
Summary: Voluntary Standards Activities FY 2013 Annual Report
Extract: Cribs (Commercial) 19 20 20 21 21 Cribs (Full-Size) . 22 Cribs (Non-Full-Size) and Play Yards 22 Dryers, Clothes Drywall .. 24 24 Fireplaces, Glass Front .. Fireworks .. Fuel Tanks (Leakage) 25 26 26 Furnaces .. 27 Garage Door/Gate Operators .

03/24/2014 (100%)
Summary: Piense en la seguridad del juguete al comprar, mantener y guardar juguetes.
Extract: Never hang toys with long strings, cords, loops, or ribbons in cribs or playpens where children can become entangled. Remove crib gyms from the crib when the child can pull up on hands and knees; some children have strangled when they fell across crib gyms stretched across the crib. Sharp Points Toys which have been broken may have dangerous points or prongs. Stuffed toys may have wires inside the toy which could cut or stab if exposed. A CPSC regulation prohibits sharp points in new toys and other articles intended for use by children under eight years of age.
03/21/2014Crib Rules Spanish (100%)
Summary: Crib Rules Spanish
03/20/2014Crib Rules (100%)
Summary: Crib Rules
03/20/2014IKEA Recalls Children’s Bed Canopies (100%)
Summary: IKEA Recalls Children's Bed Canopies Recall number 14137 14-137 #14-137 #14137
03/11/2014 (100%)
Summary: FY 2015 Performance Budget Request
Extract: Final Rule on "Revocation of Requirements for Full-Size Baby Cribs and Non-Full-Size Baby Cribs," 75 FR 81766 (December 28, 2010) 20. Final Rule on "Safety Standards for Full-Size Baby Cribs and Non-Full-Size Baby Cribs," 75 FR 81766 (December 28, 2010) 21. Final Rule on "Publicly Available Consumer Product Safety Information Database," 75 FR 76832 (December 9, 2010) 22. Final Rule on "Interpretation of Children's Product," 75 FR 63067 (October 14, 2010) 23. Final Rule on "Safety Standard for Infant Walkers," 75 FR 35266 (June 21, 2010) 2015 PERFORMANCE BUDGET REQUEST TO CONGRESS STANDARDS AND RULEMAKINGS MARCH 2014 29 24.

03/04/2014Agency Information Collection Activities; Proposed Extension of Approv... (100%)
Summary: Agency Information Collection Activities; Proposed Extension of Approval of Information Collection; Comment Request: Safety Standards for Full-Size Baby Cribs and No-Full Size Baby Cribs
02/19/2014 (100%)
Summary: MECAP News Sept. 2012
Extract: (Travis County Medical Examiner's Office, Austin, TX) A 2-month-old male decedent was found face down in a crib after being placed on his side to sleep. The crib was cluttered with numerous objects, including a pillow, blanket, and a bag of diapers. The decedent could not roll over due to items in the crib. The cause of death was suffocation due to mechanical obstruction of the nose and mouth by the bedding. (Commonwealth of Virginia, Department of Health, Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, Central District, Richmond, VA) A 9-month-old male died after he was found unresponsive in a faulty crib.

01/29/2014 (100%)
Summary: Briefing Package: Safety Standard for Carriages and Strollers Final Rule
Extract: Move to a crib or safe sleep surface." Response: The current wording advises the caregiver to attend to the child whether or not he/she is sleeping, thus providing a more generic warning. In most of the incidents where children were reportedly sleeping, the caregiver was also present. CPSC staff's review of the incident data shows that in one of the fatal incidents, a child was left sleeping in the stroller and was later found entrapped between the seat and tray. In another fatal incident, a child was left sleeping in the infant carrier that was attached to the stroller and found entrapped between the stroller handlebar and foot end of the car seat.

01/17/2014Step 2: What Regulations Apply to My Product? (100%)
Summary: Regulations These pages are provided for your convenience and may not always contain the latest version of materials available. Therefore, we make no express or implied guarantees. The Federal Register, Code of Federal Regulations, the U.S. Code, an
Extract: Resistant Packaging Guide Cribs full size FHSA 1500.18(a)(13)1508 Test Manual Cribs non-full size FHSA 1500.18(a)(14)1509 Regulatory Summary for Non-Full Size Cribs Test Manual Cushions, infant FHSA 1500.18(a)(16) Regulatory Summary for Infant Cushions Cyanide salts (products containing) FHSA 1500.17(a)(5) Regulatory Summary for FHSA D (Back to Top) Dibucaine (products containing) PPPA 1700.14(a)(24) Regulatory Summary for PPPA Clinical Trial LetterChild Resistant Packaging GuideHealthcare Professionals Guide Dietary supplements, iron-containing(products containing) PPPA 1700.14(a)(13) Regulatory Summary for PPPAClinical Trial LetterChild Resistant Packaging GuideHealthcare Professionals Guide Diethylene glycol (
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