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12/30/2015 (100%)
Summary: Draft final rule for publication in the Federal Register. The draft final rule would remove prohibitions on CPSC staff: (1) participating as voting members of voluntary standard development groups, and (2) accepting leadership positions in voluntary
Extract: Cowles, Kids In Danger; Ami V. Gadhia, Consumers Union; George Slover, Consumers Union; Andrew Rosenberg, Union of Concerned Scientists; Diana Zuckerman, PhD, National Research Center for Women & Families 9. Ralph Vasami, Window Covering Manufacturers Association ("WCMA") 10. Christie Grymes Thompson, Kelley, Drye, & Warren, LLP 11. Michael A. Del Negro, GE Appliances THIS DOCUMENT HAS NOT BEEN REVIEWED OR ACCEPTED BY THE COMMISSION. CLEARED FOR PUBLIC RELEASE UNDER CPSA 6(b)(1) 4 12. Greg Cade, National Fire Protection Association ("NFPA") 13.
12/21/2015 (100%)
Summary: Staff Report to Congress Pursuant to Section 104(e) of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 Recall Notification Technology, March 2012
Extract: A survey of 500 Illinois parents regarding product safety shows that 50 percent of the respondents learn about recalls on TV, 15 percent through the Internet, 9 percent in retail stores, 6 percent in the newspaper, and 3 percent from e-mail alerts (Kids In Danger, 2009). A telephone survey regarding a nationwide recall of hotdogs and deli meats concluded that 70 percent of the respondents who knew about the recall learned about it through TV (Patrick, 2007). Similarly, television was the initial method of becoming aware of a contaminated spinach recall in 2006, as nearly three-quarters (71%) of those aware of the recall reported. Nine percent reported that they first learned about the recall through radio, and 8 percent learned about it from another person (Cuite et al.

12/09/2015 (100%)
Summary: Presentations of Panelists and Written Comments of Public Meeting on Petition Regarding Additive Organohalogen Flame Retardants - Wednesday, December 9, 2015
Extract: they have described how they have many ways we can counsel parents to reduce risks of fire such as having working smoke detectors and not smoking in the house but they have no meaningful advice to give to parents on how to reduce the risks of kids' exposures to flame retardants. Manufacturers are able to add halogenated flame retardants to their products without labeling nor testing them for health effects. I am encouraged to see that electronic cases are included in this proposal. Kids now play with smartphones and other electronics seemingly before they can even walk Since halogenated flame retardants aren't chemically bound to the cases, they can easily transfer to the children's hands and skin and into their bodies.

12/02/2015 (100%)
Summary: CPSC is issuing a final rule determining that unfinished and untreated trunk wood does not contain heavy elements that would exceed the limits specified in the Commission's toy standard, ASTM F963-11.
Extract: Identification of Commenters Commenter number Comment identification Commenter 1 CPSC-2011-0081-0068 Chris Rasbach 2 CPSC-2011-0081-0069 Anonymous 3 CPSC-2011-0081-0070 Anonymous 4 CPSC-2011-0081-0071 Priscilla Randall 5 CPSC-2011-0081-0072 Kids In Danger, Consumer Federation of America, Consumers Union, National Center for Health Research 6 CPSC-2011-0081-0073 Toy Industry Association, Inc. Note: The public comments may be found in docket CPSC-2011-0081 at: Impact on Small Entities The Commission certified that the proposed rule would not have a significant economic impact on a substantial number of small entities. 80 FR 42376. The Commission did not receive any public comments that questioned or challenged this certification;
11/10/2015Ignite Recalls Kids Straw Tumblers (100%)
Summary: Ignite Recalls Kids Straw Tumblers
10/28/2015Pottery Barn Kids Recalls Avengers and Darth Vader Water Bottles (100%)
Summary: Pottery Barn Kids Recalls Avengers and Darth Vader Water Bottles
10/16/2015 (100%)
Summary: CPSC Staff seeking an extension of the comment period for the petition requesting rulemaking under the Federal Hazardous Substances Act regarding certain products containing additive organohalogen flame retardants.
Extract: which are joined by American Academy of Pediatrics, American Medical Women's Association, Consumers Union, Green Science Policy Institute, International Association of Fire Fighters, Kids in Danger, Philip Landrigan, M.D., M.P.H., League of United Latin American Citizens, Learning Disabilities Association of America, and Worksafe. B. Extension of Comment Period On August 19, 2015, the Commission issued a notice that the Commission received the petition, and in the notice, invited submission of written comments concerning the petition. 80 FR 50238. The Commission has received two requests to extend the comment period 90 days, due to the breadth and complexity of issues raised in the petition.
10/13/2015Neal S. Cohen, Small Business Ombudsman, speaking at ABC Kids Expo Tra... (100%)
Summary: Neal S. Cohen, Small Business Ombudsman, speaking at ABC Kids Expo Trade Show in Las Vegas
09/30/2015 (100%)
Summary: A briefing paper for the Commission to consider a draft notice of proposed rulemaking for publication in the Federal Register that would establish a safety standard for children's folding chairs and stools.

09/04/2015The James Trading Group Recalls Kids Sports Hoodie (100%)
Summary: The James Trading Group Recalls Kids Sports Hoodie
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