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09/15/2016 (100%)
Summary: 2015 Annual Report to the President and Congress
Extract: & Stratton Recalls Simplicity Riding Mowers and Garden Tractors Due to Risk of Injury This recall involves orange Simplicity brand zero-turn riding mowers, mowers, mower deck attachments and garden tractors. The chute deflector on the riding mowers and garden tractors can fail to prevent projectiles from being expelled. This poses a risk of injury to consumers from projectiles. Husqvarna Recalls Lawn and Garden Tillers Due to Risk of Bodily Injury, Laceration This recall involves Ariens®, Husqvarna®, Jonsered® and Poulan Pro® brand rear tine tillers used for plowing, cultivation and ridging gardens and lawns.

09/15/2016 (100%)
Summary: Briefing memo with the Executive Director request for approval of the Fiscal Year 2017 Operating Plan.
Extract: Mowers 65 Nanotechnology 66 National Electrical Code 67 Phthalate Testing Methods 68 Playground Equipment (Children under 2 years) 69 Playground Equipment (Home) 70 Playground Equipment (Public) 71 Playground Surfacing 72 Pools, Portable Unprotected (Child Drowning) 73 Ranges (Tip Over) 74 Ranges, Gas (Control Panels) 75 Recreational Headgear 76 Safety Locks and other household child-inaccessibility devices 77 Self-balancing Scooters and Light Electric Vehicles 78 Smoke Alarms 79 Spray Polyurethane Foam Insulation 80 Tents 81 Trampolines 82 Washing Machines, Front Loading Grand Total 735 72 5 The difference between the total of 74 on page 32 of CPSC's FY 2017 Performance Budget Request and the FY 2017 Request column

08/04/2016John Deere Recalls Lawn and Garden Tractors Due to Laceration Hazard (... (100%)
Summary: John Deere Recalls Lawn and Garden Tractors Due to Laceration Hazard (Recall Alert)
05/24/2016 (100%)
Summary: Riding Lawnmowers Fact Sheet
Extract: The voluntary safety standard for walk-behind and ride-on mowers is ANSI/OPEI B71.1-2003.If you are shopping for a mower, a label certifying that the mower or garden tractor meets the 2003 ANSI B71.1 standard indicates that the machine has these safety features. Operator presence control. This safety device will stop the rotary blades if the operator leaves the control position of the riding mower without first disengaging the blade drive. This feature will reduce the chance of injury if the operator leaves the control position to perform some other activity without first stopping the mower blade(s).

05/24/2016 (100%)
Summary: Power Lawn Mowers Fact Sheet
Extract: If the mower only has a manual start, the control must stop the blade without shutting down the engine, unless the manual starting control is located within 24 inches from the top of the handle, or the mower has a 360 degree foot shield. For user protection, the mower must also have a secondary control which must be activated before the mower can be operated. Foot shield. The area at the rear of the mower that might be reached by the foot when using the mower is subjected to a probing test using a foot-like probe. With the mower wheels on the ground, this area is probed to assure that neither the foot probe nor any part of the mower (such as a trailing shield) will enter the path of the blade.

05/23/2016 (100%)
Summary: Voluntary Standards Activities FY 2016 Mid-Year Report
Extract: Product Mowers Staff Contact Murphy, John Standard(s) Standard for Consumer Turf Care Equipment-Walk-Behind Mowers and Ride-on Machines with Mowers-Safety Specifications (ANSI/OPEI B71.1-2003) Purpose To provide technical support on the maintenance and revision of the ANSI standard to reduce injuries. Activities OPEI is expected to issue a draft revised standard for comment in FY 2016; and 29 CPSC staff is on the canvass list. The draft revised standard has not yet been sent out for comments.

05/04/2016 (100%)
Summary: Executive Director recommendations to amend the fiscal year ("FY") 2016 Operating Plan to allocate future unexecuted balances to new project work.
Extract: 60 Furniture Tip Overs 61 Gas Grills 62 Gasoline Containers (Flame Arrestors) 63 Glass Front Gas Fireplaces 64 Hoverboards 65 Inflatable Play Devices (Constant Air) 66 Laundry and Dishwasher Packets 67 Mowers 68 Nanotechnology 69 National Electrical Code 70 Playground Equipment (Children under 2 years) 71 Playground Equipment (Home) 72 Playground Equipment (Public) 73 Pools, Portable Unprotected (Child Drowning) 74 Ranges (Tip Over) 75 Ranges, Gas (Control Panels) 76 Recreational Headgear 77 Slow Cookers 78 Smoke Alarms 79 Spray Polyurethane Foam Insulation 80 Tents 81 Trampolines 82 Washing Machines, Front Loading Grand Total 70 71 THIS DOCUMENT HAS NOT BEEN REVIEWED OR ACCEPTED BY THE COMMISSION.
03/23/2016 (95%)
Summary: CPSC's Plan for Retrospective Review of Existing Rules ("Plan") is designed to create a defined method for identifying and reconsidering certain rules that are obsolete, unnecessary, unjustified, excessively burdensome, counterproductive, or ineffect
Extract: The review must consider: 6 The rules reviewed in the 2004 pilot program included the safety standard for walk-behind mowers; requirements for electrically operated toys; the standard for the flammability of vinyl plastic film; and the child-resistant packaging requirements for aspirin and methyl salicylate. 69 FR 4095 (Jan. 28, 2004). In FY 2005, the CPSC reviewed the safety standard for cigarette lighters and multipurpose lighters; the requirements for bicycles; the standards for surface flammability of carpets and rugs; and the regulation requiring child-resistant packaging for preparations subject to the Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act that are in a form intended for oral administration.
03/15/2016 (100%)
Summary: Thirty new, revised, or reaffirmed voluntary safety standards, for which the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission ("CPSC") staff monitored or provided technical support were completed from October 1, 2014 to September 30, 2015.
Extract: Product Mowers Staff Contact Murphy, John 37 Purpose To provide technical support to the maintenance and revision of the ANSI Standard for Consumer Turf Care Equipment-Walk-Behind Mowers and Ride-on Machines with Mowers-Safety Specifications (ANSI/OPEI B71.1-2003) to reduce injuries. Activities CPSC staff maintained a nonvoting membership on the ANSI canvass list of those who review proposed changes to the standard. OPEI issued a pre-canvass interest survey for participants and CPSC staff responded on September 1, 2015 that we would participate as non-voting members of the canvass.

03/11/2016Avoid Mower Mishaps (100%)
Summary: Avoid Mower Mishaps
Saws (175)
Containers and Packaging (165)
Babies and Kids (147)
Gasoline (134)
Grass And Leaf Catchers (112)
Lawn Mowers (104)
Fuels and Gas and Oils (98)
Clothing (92)
Bicycles and Bicycle Accessori... (66)
Bassinets and Cradles (66)
Clothing and Accessories (65)
Dressers, Desks, Chests and Bu... (60)
Monitors and Displays (59)
Sports and Recreation (58)
Accessories (58)
Other Drugs or Medications (53)
Fasteners (44)
Glass (44)
Gas Water Heaters (43)
Gas or LP Heaters (43)

Fire (124)
Carbon Monoxide (106)
Injury (75)
Physical (50)
Falling (48)
Cuts (45)
Phthalates (38)
Entrapment (36)
Drowning (30)
Poisoning (28)
Burn (26)
Electrical (25)
Explosion (24)
Lead (18)
Smoke Inhalation (16)
Collision (15)
Heat-Related (9)
Amputation (8)
Ingestion (8)
Chemical (8)

Content Types
Recall (94)
Injury Statistics (29)
Briefing Package (25)
Federal Register Notice (23)
Voluntary Standard Activity (15)
Public Comment (14)
Agency Report (14)
Technical Report (13)
Meeting Log (8)
Report (8)
Contract (6)
News Release (6)
Statement (5)
Ballot Vote (4)
Law (2)
Safety Education (2)
Safety Guide (2)
Memorandum of Understanding (2)
Business Education (2)
Guidelines (1)

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